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La scrittura per me è poesia..
è un tentativo disperato di preservare la memoria e allo stesso tempo un modo per rivivere quei momenti di vita.
I ricordi quelli tristi e dolorosi nel tempo, strappano dentro di noi l’abito della nostra personalità e rischiamo di rimanere laceri, scoperti.
Poi la forza della speranza ci dona l’ago e il filo per ricucire le ferite e ricominciare.
Questa è la poesia della vita!

Natalia Castelluccio


Writing for me is poetry ..
it is a desperate attempt to preserve the memory and at the same time a way to relive those moments of life.
Memories those sad and painful over time, tear inside us the dress of our personality and we risk remaining torn, uncovered.
Then the strength of hope gives us the needle and the thread to mend the wounds and start over.
This is the poetry of life!

Pubblicato da Natalia Castelluccio


46 pensieri riguardo “LA POESIA DELLA VITA (ITA-ENG)

  1. Brava Natalia, scrivere aiuta a ricordare momenti belli, e ad aiutare a dissolvere i momenti più bui… Dolorosi…. Aiuta a rilassare la mente quando è troppo carica, la scrittura è un’amica indelebile che ti lascia parlare senza giudicare.

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    1. Dear Natalia,

      This is my second attempt at submitting the comment.

      I concur with Isabella that writing helps us to remember beautiful moments, that it can dissolve the darkest, painful moments, and that it helps us to relax the mind that has become too charged. Therefore, writing is an indelible friend that lets us speak without judging. I very much appreciate your take on the poetry of life. It is simultaneously bitter-sweet and poignant.

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      Wishing you and Isabella a productive weekend doing or enjoying whatever that satisfies you the most!

      Happy February to you and Isabella soon!

      Yours sincerely,

      "Mi piace"

  2. E penso che scrivere direttamente sulla carta (fosse il retro di uno scontrino) con biro o penna sia il modo perchè si verifichi quanto tu dici. Le parole escono dritte dal cuore alla luce non c’è la mediazione della tastiera, un’intrusa che raffredda il flusso 🙂

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      1. Dear Natalia,

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        Yours sincerely,

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      2. Hello
        I know, in fact I use my mobile phone and every time it is difficult for me to even open your site.
        When I read you completely it was because I was on the pc.
        However you are great, you write very interesting things and that you include to understand a lot.
        Thank you

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      3. Dear Natalia,

        Thank you for your reply. I have prepared a detailed User Guide for maximizing and optimizing your experience of my blog. You are very welcome to consult the new and comprehensive User Guide to familiarize yourself with the many features and tools of my highly unusual, uniquely customized and multidisciplinary blog. Please enjoy it to your heart’s content and comment freely, as I welcome your input and feedback.

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        Yours sincerely,

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