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Il dolore
un sentimento ancor più forte
Ti spacca il cuore
senza un briciolo di compassione.
Ti porta malore
senza nessuna possibilità di visione.
Ti strappa la vita
senza pietà piano
in silenzio e con crudeltà.

Natalia Castelluccio


an even stronger feeling
of love.
It breaks your heart
without an iota of compassion.
It brings you sick
without any possibility of vision.
It tears your life out
mercilessly plan
in silence and with cruelty.

Pubblicato da Natalia Castelluccio

Natalia Castelluccio Note biografiche Salve sono Natalia Castelluccio Sono nata a Napoli il 06.05.1971 Attualmente vivo in Liguria. Sono diplomata in lingue Ho una qualifica d’informatica Stage di animatrice turistica. Ho lavorato nel campo del turismo come accompagnatrice turistica, receptionist e segretaria d’albergo. Sono sempre stata a contatto con la gente Amo viaggiare, l’ho fatto per tutta la mia vita e continuerò a farlo. Adoro ogni forma d arte dettata dal cuore. Sono diventata una madre a tempo pieno nel 2013. Trascorro la maggior parte del tempo con mio figlio, mio marito e la mia famiglia. E mi dedico alla mia passione… scrivere! Ho sempre scritto ciò che il mio cuore sentiva per le esperienze che questo viaggio, chiamato vita mi ha regalato. Tutto ciò che leggerete da me, sarà il frutto delle mie e non solo, esperienze della vita. Condividerò con voi i momenti più importanti ! Faremo insieme, se gradite.. Un viaggio lungo nei pensieri della mente del cuore e dell anima. A presto Natalia Castelluccio ⬇️ BLOG PENSIERI PAROLE E POESIE ⬇️ ⬇️ CANALE YOU TUBE ⬇️

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  1. Ci sono momenti in cui il dolore ti strappa il cuore e la mente …Ci sono momenti in cui ti strappa un arto o altre parti …Ci sono momenti in cui ti strappa la vita e non esistono sguardi generosi . Brava Natalia ! Buon sabato eppoi sempre a camminare avanti auguri per la Vita 🌹❣️🐞

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      1. Watched TB Joshua THE WORD OF GOD IN OUR HEART

        Honestly, don’t understand why Black folk embrace the religion of their racial oppressors. That cop placed his knee on a cuffed black man till he died. Yes MLK and Malcolm X enfranchised colored from American Apartheid\\Jim Crow//, but black identity and culture took a tremendous hit. As a “cracker”, raised by my black Mamma maids…. Hell did not even know that beds did not make up themselves till i left home at about 16! As a boy, traveled to the other side of the tracks and played with the children of my black Mamma maids. Had black folk as roommates in College and Technical training schools. Once living on my own, had a black mechanic as a roommate and lived in a black dominated community in Dallas Texas.

        But for us Jew boy folk, t’shuvah for us means rejecting assimilation to the cultures and customs, theologies, and creeds of our Xtian oppressors. 75% of European Jewry exterminated in less than 4 years, this war crime did not happen simply because Nazis hated Jews. How black folk integrate into Cracker culture, and embrace the cracker religion of abomination truly shocks me. Xtianity rejects the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai together with the revelation of the Oral Torah logic system revealed 40 days after the sin of the Golden Calf @ Horev. The gold calf disaster has nothing to due with the metaphor of a golden calf! Such a טפש פשט – literal reading of the words – brain dead stupid.

        Honestly, why read Jewish ancient books deprived and removed from all Jewish culture, tradition, manners, and ways practiced by the folk who wrote those T’NaCH Books to begin with. All cracker blblical translations — totally suck eggs. For example: The first commandment of Sinai, you never received any instruction, and thus do not know what that commandment commands. If you did — You’d be pissed. LOL.

        Unlike you black folk, we Jews do not exist as a Race – despite the Nazi propaganda which condemned us for the crime of being an ‘inferior race’. Cracker theology for 2000+ years has sought to divorce that religion of abomination from the T’NaCH\Talmud/ faith of the Jewish people. My folk say, “May Gawd bless the Czar … by keeping him far away from us!” (Fiddler on the Roof). The Allies bomb the Bejesus out of Nazi Germany, but despite knowledge of the Death camps, both FDR and Churchill refused to bomb the rail-lines leading to the death camps! Poop Pius XII consented to the Nazi demand and agreed to send the Jewish community in Rome to the death camps. The 1963 Play: The Deputy condemned the Poop. Finally the Vatican has opened its archives and confirmed the guilt of that cracker priest.

        Adopting a stance of official neutrality, the Vatican refused to yield to Allied pressure to speak out against the Nazis. This same policy, the cracker Governments who represent the EU and Russia, they duplicate this long standing cracker behavior with their neutrality in all of Israel’s major wars. Had the Arabs won the wars of Independence, those sand nigger towel heads would have completed the Nazi genocide of European Jewry! To date Israel has fought two wars of National Independence and won both. The ’48 War, England armed the Arabs invading Armies. In the ’67 War, France condemned the Israeli victory and demanded the complete Jewish surrender to the Arabs, as expressed through UN Resolution 242. France judged itself worthy to write that US Resolution of disgrace … as if France won the 2nd European Civil War of the 20th Century!

        The entire history of that despicable cracker religion of abomination, it centers and spins around Power rather than Morality. The death count produced by the 30 Year War matches that of World War I. The 300 year Ghetto imprisonment of all Jews living in Western Europe caused a huge forced population transfer of Jewish refugee populations moving from West to Eastern European countries, primarily Poland and the Ukraine. The 30 year war (1618 – 1648) released an avalanche tsunami of barbaric racial hatred against Jewish refugee populations scattered across the Ukraine and Poland. No one knows the number of Jews violently murdered in the Khmelnytsky Pogroms, but most likely the slaughter compares to the Turkish genocide of the Armenians during WWI.

        Assimilation of my People to cracker cultures, customs, manners, and ways … it defines the Jewish k’vanna of doing t’shuvah. T’shuvah a totally and completely different concept from that which the abomination religion preaches touching repentance. T’shuvah, a 2 edged sword which requires a unique dedication to HaShem of the opposing Yatzirot within the heart of bnai brit Man. These opposing Yatzirot compare to the two poles of a battery. In Chinese culture, the Yin\Yang/ feminine energies of life,,, opposed by the Yang\masculine energies in life.

        Yiddishkeit refers to the Yatzirot as inclinations; the chosen Cohen nation spins around the central axis of tohor vs tumah middot. The religion of abomination knows nothing about this Central Axis of Jewish faith. Faith, viewed from a Jewish perspectives, it shares no common ground with belief systems which preach theology, doctrine, creeds, and dogmatism. The latter defines the religions (in all their thousands of branches) of abomination. T’NaCH (Divided into 3 parts: Torah, Prophets, and Holy Writings. This Canon, sealed by Ezra and the Men of the Great Assembly in the formative years of the 2nd Commonwealth. Ezra, perhaps 3 Centuries before the Gospel abomination, as the Nasi of the Great Sanhedrin, he sealed the T’NaCH Canon), has no connection, nor does it share any common ground with the Greek\Roman counterfeit religion of abomination.

        Over half of all Jews who lived in Judea died fighting the Romans in two vicious brutal wars. The religion of abomination totally ignores the context of this most bitter of conflicts. Not till 1948, some 2000+ years, did Jews reconquer our Homelands and end the terrible g’lut\exile which the Roman barbarians initiated with their total war victory over Judea. The new testament, has a known reputation, that it cherry picks T’NaCH prophetic verses, taken totally out of their surrounding sugia contexts. An act of propaganda distortions which defines the religion of abomination unto this very day!

        As the European crackers enslaved the black folk, they did this war crime after first doing the same with stateless Jewish refugee minority populations, scattered across Europe, whom the Romans originally sold off the cast out survivors of Judea, as war time captured slaves.

        Feudal Europe, an agricultural based economy. The racist crackers, headed by the religion of abomination, outlawed Jews from the trade of farming, lest they acquire Goyim slaves! Not till the Industrial Revolution did the time arrive that agricultural based economies could expunge slave labor. Have you ever picked seeds out of a boll of cotton? Without a cotton gin, this takes a lot of labor. Pre-Industrial revolution produced wealth through agriculture. Agriculture lacking industrial equipment, highly labor intensive. This farming requires a huge amount of man-power. The Industrial Revolution would cause a huge population transfer of people moving from rural villages, close to the farm work, unto Cities in search of Industrial jobs.

        The damned Yankees of the North, to put slavery in America in perspective, embraced the Industrial Revolution. The Confederate States of the South, where cotton ruled as King, (Southern strain of long stand cotton, English textile Industries absolutely depended upon. Something like a heroin addict. Not till 1864 did the British, in Egypt, develop a similar strain of long stand cotton!), this agricultural based economy depended upon slave labor. But black folk in Northern states hardly lived their lives as enfranchised equals to the racist crackers.

        The crackers, they smell different than black folk. Human body odor does not make a person good or evil, just different the one from the other. Still it shocks me that the colored embrace the religion of abomination as their own. A cracker JeZeus … how utterly revolting.

        So by now, its obvious from this introduction that this Jew-boy holds a tremendous grudge against the cracker religion of abomination. The bane of my life, my struggle to do t’shuvah and uproot my assimilation unto western culture, customs, core values, manners etc. When I began the Aliyah process by moving to Israel. Remember many assimilated Yidden asking me: “Why I wanted to move there?”. Beginning with my family … all of which intermarried with crackers. The disaster of Jewish assimilation in the US and Europe, it surpassed the assimilation rates which prevailed prior to the Shoah!

        Avodah zarah\perverted worship/, the 2nd Commandment of the Written Torah Sinai revelation, Moshe the prophet defined this commandment with his commentary commandment, the 611 Torah commandments. These secondary source commandments, they serve to define the opening first two Primary source Commandments revealed in the Sinai revelation. (Clearly the 10 Commandment narishkeit\Yiddish for non sense/ plays no part in how the rabbis of the Talmud understood the language of the Written Torah. Torah like the Talmud – both highly edited. Torah commands mussar; the משל 10 commandments of Sinai compares to the 10 נמשל plague whereby HaShem judged the hearts of the Gods of Egypt, Par’o, and all Egypt). Moshe commanded a simple commandment: After the ways of Egypt and Canaan, do not follow. This commandment defines the k’vanna\roughly translated as: the mussar rebuke/of the revelation of the 2nd Commandment of Sinai. The bane of my existence on this earth, my failure to make t’shuvah upon my assimilation, wherein i have embraced the cultures and customs of Western societies as my own. Again t’shuvah shares no common ground with the religion of abomination, and its theology of repentance for sin.

        Following the European ‘Final Solution’ of my people, utterly abhor and detest Europe together with its ‘White Man’s Burden’ (Kipling). Europe sports no superior Race. Yet European imperialism has a strong need to rule over “the primitives inferiors of Africa”. The atrocities in the Congo by Belgian King Leopold II; the genocide in Namibia of the Herero and Namaqua peoples by the pre-WWI German 2nd Empire; the vile invasion of Ethiopia by the Italians, the French economic slavery in the Sahelzone; the British slaughter and establishment of concentration camps during the Boer War; these war crimes against humanity, every bit compare to the American crackers slaughter of the native Indian populations. The religion of abomination has embraced, it has never denounced this cracker imperialism.

        Needless to say, as an Israeli, totally oppose the EU attempt to impose their dictate demands that it has some “mandate” to determine the Israeli international borders. The EU, Russian, UN war mongers, they seek to divide the Jewish Capital like the cracker Allies divided Berlin after WWII! Like they made late 19th Century China into ‘spheres of Influence’, so too they seek to do with all countries across the Middle East. The vile Cheney\Bush invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan; the criminal Obamo destruction of Libya – the blood has yet to dry from these illegal invasions.

        The MSM propaganda which seeks to make Israel into a pariah Apartheid nation, this vile rhetoric propaganda which appeals to cracker emotional mob arousal & masturbation, it reminds me of KKK lynching parties and the blood libel slanders which resulted in destructive Pogroms against Jewish communities across Europe! A leopard cannot and does not change its spots.

        The EU, Russian, together with their UN Ventriloquist Doll Dummy, their continuous shrill condemnation of the tiny Jewish state; their attempt to divide this small country into 2 hostile camps in the name of Peace … Fools shalom stands upon the foundation of trust; this verb most definitely not a noun; like as employed by Lennon’s anti-Vietnam war song – “All We are Saying is Give Peace a Chance”. Idiots, a man only cuts an oath shalom brit alliance with partners – to whom he shares a deep profound trust. A Jew never invites an enemy to break bread while sitting at the Shabbos table. The cracker civilizations of Europe, they have no moral mandate following the Shoah, and Israeli National Independence in 1948 and repeated again in 1967. These imperialist cracker monsters – they do not determine the borders of the Jewish State nor the Capital City of Israel. Stateless Jewish refugee populations, the European Capital rejoiced in inflicting and imposing cruel inhuman torture and oppression for 2000+ years. But now that the Title of refugee now sticks to Arab stateless refugee populations, suddenly Europe has become all morally indignant & righteous – NUTS!

        With this introduction, (Always admired nigger Jim in Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Nigger Jim understood that King Shlomo – a down right idiot. King David accepted the mussar of the prophet Natan. The Book of Kings opens with Natan saving the life of Shlomo and his mother. Yet the young king Shlomo chose to ignore the prophetic mussar by which Natan denounced construction of a Temple, as a tumah\pollution of the Last Will & Testament of Moshe the prophet, before he passed from this world. Torah faith stands upon: Justice Justice Pursue; Moshe, his last mitzva on this earth, {Torah commandments apply to all generation of bnai brit Israel as an eternal inheritance; prophetic mitzvot by stark contrast they only apply to the current living generations of bnai brit Israel. The revelation of the Torah @ Sinai, stands upon the k’vanna of serving as the Written Constitution of the Republic. All other T’NaCH prophets command mussar mitzvot.}, the mitzva to build and establish the small Sanhedrin lateral common law Courts!

        Lateral common law courts exist as the opposing pole of the משל “battery” of vertical common law courtrooms. The latter, the State pays the salary, it reins the power of the paycheck over the Judges, Prosecutors, and Police! Lateral common law courts, no judicial authority nor prosecutor, receives any salary from the State. Not till the vile abuses of the British Star Courts did the American revolutionaries revolt against that corrupt vertical courtroom corruption, and attempt a reform – a lateral jury system. The vertical Italian courts supported the religion of abomination, its criminal abduction of Jewish children and baptizing these captured prisoners against their Will of their parents, early in the 20th Century. No vertical European court ever tried the Church for war crimes committed against humanity; no justice for the Jews or the Roma minorities, which the crackers slander as either: Christ Killers or Werewolves – respectively.

        Let’s learn. The Jewish T’NaCH – has 3 Parts. The Torah – the יסוד of all prophesy. The latter term defined as Mussar. The Prophets – whose mussar mitzvot, they serve to define the k’vanna of the Torah commandments. (Torah commandments, clearly not LAW. Law comes from judicial courtroom rulings which establish the halachah, as expressed within the language of the Talmud.) As mentioned above, Torah commandments apply to both the living and dead among the bnai brit chosen Cohen nation. Mitzvot by stark contrast, they apply only to the living and not to the dead among bnai brit Israel.

        A critically important distinction of understanding. Furthermore, observance of Torah commandments, possible in the oath sworn lands or in g’lut. Observance of Torah prophetic mitzvot, only within the borders of the oath sworn lands of the brit). And Holy Writings. The Books of the Prophets stand upon the kabbalah masoret of the 13 tohor middot which define the revelation of the Oral Torah @ Horev. (שמות לד:ו,ז); the Books of Holy Writings stand upon the יסוד kabbalah of the 13 Middot taught by Rabbi Yishmael, the middot of logic taught Rabbi Akiva, and the middot of logic taught by Rabbi Yose HaGelili. The latter middot of logic, they serve to define the former Torah tohor middot of logic. Rabbi Akiva, his פרדס Divine Chariot mysticism, it defines the revelation of the Oral Torah to Moshe @ Horev 40 days after the sin of the golden calf. The Torah commands mussar instruction through משל\\נמשל. The golden calf metaphor – only a משל. The נמשל דיוק\\interpretive logical inference which inverts the משל metaphor, Aaron translated the Name revealed in the First commandment @ Sinai unto the word אלהים.

        The religion of abomination perverts רוח הקןדש\\Holy Spirit//into its Trinity avoda zarah. The 13 tohor (Shall not even attempt to translate this abstract and difficult term into an English translation. The KJV did this travesty with its Clean vs. Unclean narishkeit), middot — they define the meaning of the term רוח הקודש… the revelation of the Oral Torah logic format revealed @ Horev following the sin of the golden calf.

        Aaron translated the Spirit of the Name, first revealed in the opening commandment @ Sinai unto a word אלהים. All the bibles of the religion of abomination, beginning with the opening verse of the Book of John, they duplicate this exact error of avodah zarah. Hence throughout history the religion of abomination as rejected the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai, and therefore worshiped other Gods — the 2nd Commandment of the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai. רוח הקןדש … these tohor Spirits – not a word or words can pronounce, even less so describe. Hence the negative mitzva which forbids on pain of כרת, cutting a person off from the inheritance of the brit cut between the pieces (נמשל דיוק the brit cut between the opposing Yatzirot within the heart of bnai brit man, wherein HaShem swears an oath unto childless Avram that his future born chosen Cohen seed would compare to the number of the stars shining in the Heavens!), not to pronounce the Name of HaShem according to the order of its’ Letters. Like as in YHVH, Yahweh, Jehovah, Lord, Father, Allah etc.

        The Holy Writings, they serve as the Primary commentary upon the Books of the Prophets. Your blog equates the new testament forgery abomination with the authority of the sealed Canon of the T’NaCH. A mitzvah done by Ezra and the Men of the Great Assembly centuries prior to the writings of the counterfeit Roman messiah dolled up into Jewish garments. The prophetic Book of Shmuel\Samuel stands upon the יסוד of the Torah. The religion of abomination never once, not in 2000+ years has ever inquired, upon what Torah commandment did the Prophet Shmuel stand his mitzva of Moshiach upon? A crucial error. The prophet Moshe commanded the comandment: not to add or subtract from the Torah commandments.

        Moshe the greatest of all T’NaCH prophets. The later prophetic commandment whereby Shmuel first anointed Shaul of the Tribe of Binyamin, and thereafter David of the Tribe of Yechuda (Yechudim translated as Jews), which Torah commandment serves as the יסוד of this later prophetic mitzva?! This simple question refutes the new testament counterfeit Roman forgery; its hostile attempt to undermine Jewish culture and tradition ie Old and New Testament narishkeit. Recall that the new testament abomination came at the height of the Jewish wars fought against Roman imperialism in the Middle East. Rome introduced propaganda during those wars, aimed to undermine and destroy the ‘ethical containment force’ which shapes and contains Jewish culture and tradition.

        The Holy Writings, they serve as commentaries to the earlier Prophetic Books which make up the T’NaCH. The religion of abomination completely perverted the Order of the T’NaCH. Note the absurd attempt to equate Apocrypha Books, all written after Ezra and the Men of the Great Assembly had sealed the T’NaCH canon as closed, but also the new testament books of avoda zarah – as having equal authority or as in the New Testament – supplanted the Old Testament! The Order of the T’NaCH, organized into sugiot\sub chapters/ this too church biblical translations totally expunged and up-rooted; replaced with chapters and verse – totally foreign and alien to the Hebrew T’NaCH literature.

        Shall not “soil” myself by addressing the new testament tumah abomination (tumah learns from dead bodies) verses which your blog brings. The new testament abomination, it cherry picks p’suking\verses; it takes these p’sukim totally out of their surrounding sugia containment contexts! 1 Chronicles 28:9, this cherry picked verse, contained within the sugia of דברי הימים א כח:א-י. To build my House and Courts … what משל\\נמשל דיוקים learns from this statement? King Shlomo he worshiped avodah zarah and caused the Davidic Kingdom to collapse into Civil War.

        The נמשל דיוק does not flatter king Shlomo, the ‘wisest of all men’. Nigger Jim correctly understood, king Shlomo – an utter and complete fool. King Shlomo assimilated. He embraced the avodah zarah practiced by the Goyim — who rejected and refused the revelation @Sinai and Horev. Goyim “just adore their pent house view” (Green Acres), they build Temples and huge Cathedrals, whereby their priests worship avodah zarah unto strange Gods! Torah faith stands upon this precise יסוד: Justice Justice Pursue. King David understood the mussar commandment of the prophet Natan, this “man of battles and bloodshed”, he owned the responsibility to establish the lateral Sanhedrin common law Federal Court system. Justice, defined as the restoration of damages, inflicted either by accident or intention, to the injured bnai brit allied people, through the judicial intervention, by Torah mandated courts. King Shlomo rejected the Written Torah as the Constitution of the Tribes of the Republic. This decision placed him on par with all the רשעים kings of Israel.

        Question? Do the courts have a Torah mandate to search the hearts of both the accused and the damaged. Korban\sacrifices do nothing in matters of searching the k’vanna concealed within the heart of Man. Why then did the small Sanhedrin courts in each of the 6 Cities of Refugee have an altar wherein the Cohen nasi of the Court, that he would dedicate a korban upon that private altar, prior to the Court pronouncing sentence upon a person who fled to a City of Refuge?

        As mentioned above: the din of כרת, all descendants of the chosen Cohen people, we treat this din with great respect. For a Cohen to dedicate a burnt offering upon an altar, while in a state of tumah, this horrible transgression, it carries the din of כרת. Therefore the head of all the small Sanhedrin courts, a Cohen from the house of Aaron in all the 6 cities of refuge. This Cohen Nasi of the small Sanhedrin court, he made a public dedication of a burn offering, to testify that he and all the Justices of the court, they obeyed the mitzva to pursue justice in a tohor state, when they tried the person who fled to their City of Refuge, after having committed the crime of murder. Murder a Capital Crime. If convicted of intentional murder, the din of the Court – one of the 4 types of death penalties, usually either fire or strangulation. Fire, similar to strangulation, in that the criminal strangulated so that he opens his mouth in order to breath, and hot lead poured down his throat. Stoning or beheading limited to more severe crimes such as avodah zarah.

        This Holy Writings commentary upon the NaCH prophets, perhaps it learns and interprets based upon the sugia of ירמיה יז:ז-י. A Dayan\שופט has yet another title – אלהים. The exact term whereby Aaron erred and translated the Name of HaShem! This Divine Name, the name wherein according unto kabbalah, a Yid dedicates the face of his soul on Yom Kippur unto HaShem. All generations for ever stand under the shadow of the golden calf avodah zarah. Yom Kippur seals the din whether we have succeeded or failed to live t’shuvah on the din of our assimilation to non bnai brit cultures customs core beliefs etc.

        Capital Crimes trials require no less than two kosher witnesses. Common law stands upon the יסוד of precedents. The much later Talmudic common law system, it follows the much earlier T’NaCH common law system. The latter compares sugiot to other sugiot precedents. The “Style” developed by the sages of the Gemara: to judge the value of precedents brought before the Court, through the discipline of difficulty\\answer. Shall open by surrounding our Case bringing a slightly distant precedents, and there after compare it to a more precise precedent. יהושע ה:ב-ח.

        The oath brit sworn at Gilgal, followed the brit melah of the survivors of the Wilderness generation. HaShem judged the hearts of that generation as fit to conquer the oath sworn lands. Whereas the hearts of the generation which accepted the Torah @ Sinai, that generation accepted the Torah with their Yatzir Ha’Rah and not their Yatzir Ha’Tov. This Ying\\Yang bi-polar judgement within the heart, it learns from the prophesy which told Rivka that 2 nations struggled for dominance within her womb. Tefillah – a duty of the heart. The evening kre’a shma learns from Sinai wherein Israel accepted the Written Torah with our Yatzir Ha’Rah. The morning kre’a shma learns from Horev wherein Israel accepted the Oral Torah with our Yatzir Ha’Tov. The t’shuva dedication, the k’vanna of tefillah, night and day different from one another.

        In War, soldiers aim their artillery fire, first to strike before the enemy target. Then they over shoot the enemy target. Then they blast the evil S.o.b.’s – they fire for effect. Shall do likewise: יהושע י:יב-יד The oath brit sworn at Gilgal,,, just as HaShem fought the Gods of Egypt, so too HaShem would fight the Gods of Canaan. Moshe called upon the 10 plagues and the splitting of the Sea of Reeds. Yehoshua called the Sun to remain in the sky, permitting Israel to totally crush and destroy the enemy. Just as slaves could never thumb their noses at Par’o and live, so too Israel could not war upon Giants – and live. Just as HaShem judged the Gods of Egypt, and Israel thumbed their noses at Par’o. In like manner HaShem judged the Gods of Canaan, and Israel prevailed over Giants. Giants whose size and power had melted the hearts of the spies in the days of Moshe the prophet!

        Fire for effect:BOOM: שופטים ז:ב-ו Prior to the great battle and victory by Gid’on over the huge army of Midyan, HaShem judged the ‘warrior spirit’ within all of Gid’on soldiers. HaShem judged 300 men whereby they would make an eternal קדוש השם\\sanctification of the Name. The mussar k’vanna, it seems quite clear that the Book דברי הימים serves as a commentary to the Books of the Prophets, that HaShem judges the heart of Man. Specifically HaShem judges between the Tohor or Tumah Yatzir to determine which of the two has dominance within the bnai brit heart of the Justices.

        A person flees to one of the six Cities of Refuge and pleads that he killed a man with his Yatzir Ha’Tov and not with his Yatzir Ha’Rah. The אלהים שופטים of the small Sanhedrin lateral common law courtroom, they can either judge that man with their Yatzir Ha’Tov or with their Yatzir Ha’Rah. Hence prior to carrying out the sentence of the Court, the Cohen Nasi of the Court dedicates a korban upon the altar which testifies through its cloud of smoke unto the heavens that the Justices of the Court received nor took any bribe; that they judged the accused with their Yatzir Ha’Tov & not with their Yatzir Ha’Rah.

        Who stands in Judgment before HaShem? The accused or the Judges who try the accused? The mussar of the prophets answers and declares: the Judges who hear and rule upon any Capital Crimes trial, they stand before HaShem, and HaShem judges their hearts; HaShem weighs the question: which Yatzir exerts dominance within the hearts of these Judges? Herein defines how the Torah creates Man in the image of HaShem.

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