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Potrei cantarti inni solenni..
Potrei scriverti poemi virtuosi
Potrei citarti famose frasi d’amore..
Dovrei consolarmi con consigli santi.
Tutto per alleviare il mio dolore.
Ma la verità è una..
La più semplice :
Ti Amo più della mia vita e
Mi manchi da morire.

Natalia Castelluccio


I could sing you solemn hymns ..
I could write you virtuous poems
I could quote you famous love phrases ..
I should console myself with holy advice.
All to ease my pain.
But the truth is a ..
The simplest:
I love you more than my life and
I miss you a lot.

Pubblicato da Natalia Castelluccio


51 pensieri riguardo “MAMMA (ITA-ENG)

      1. I understand that completely! 👍 I lost my mam to cancer 3 years ago this coming Valentine’s Day and it left a big hole in my life as we were particularly close creatively and personally. My dad and granny had died over 2 years before that within a few months of each other and my brother passed away December 2020. It takes a lot out of ya, all that grief and loss.

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      2. My friend, I’m sorry.
        I understand you and I understand the pain.
        But we are like gold that is tested with fire.
        We will be stronger but more and more alone.
        Nobody really dies, creximi, they are there, in another form and we can feel them, even if this does not make us suffer less.

        Piace a 1 persona

      3. Thank you! 😁🙏 Figured you would understand. Thankfully I’ve had my wife; 2 girls and poetry to heal me; keep me sane and focused during all this! 😁❤️ And I’ve come out stronger as a result. Of course, I can see and feel signs of them everywhere through butterflies; Robins and events that otherwise wouldn’t happen.

        "Mi piace"


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