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Vado, vengo e poi ritorno
sono fatta così
e non me ne frega di nessuno . .
Non devo per forza piacere a qualcuno .

Natalia Castelluccio


I go, I come and then I return
I am like that
and I don't give a damn about anyone. .
I don't have to like someone.

Pubblicato da Natalia Castelluccio


22 pensieri riguardo “VIA VAI (ITA-ENG)

  1. I can only assume that you are writing about how you sometimes feel Natalia and how you express how you feel in this particular post cannot be viewed as good. My life experience is that there is only one who can change our hearts and that person is Jesus. One can know about someone but not actually know them, much like the exchanges between you and I. I know of you but I don’t really know you. I said a prayer for you Natalia and I would ask you to set aside some time and actually read through the Gospel of John and let it speak to your heart. Then respond in prayer to Jesus because He can and will change your heart, if you ask Him to. May God’s grace, peace and blessings be poured upon you and yours. – Bruce

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    1. Good morning Bruce
      You return for your blessing and advice.
      In my blog, there is my life and that is the moments of joy of love but also of pain and despair.
      They are living times
      a little bit all in the course of one’s life.
      I love Jesus more than my own life.
      I have studied the gospel and the Bible a lot.
      But my spirituality has moved away from all religions.

      A hug

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  2. brava, vai avanti per la tua strada, fregatene degli altri. Un tempo anch’io ero sempre lì a chiedermi cosa penserà quella o quello, poi con gli anni ho cominciato a pensare solo a me stesso, e ho cominciato a vivere veramente 😉👍👍☺

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